Event overview

The Snow Bike Festival is a thrilling 3-day mountain bike race that takes place in the picturesque Swiss Alps. The event has seen competitors from across the globe congregate in the stunning region of Gstaad, creating a diverse and unique racing atmosphere.


Professional and amateur mountain bikers from around the world head to the trails and slopes around Gstaad, to compete in one of the most distinctive mountain bike racing environments.

Each year the race evolves and introduces new locations and routes. From 2020, the format of the Snow Bike Festival will change to a 3-day  race, 1st day Afternoon Race,  2nd day  UCI & Amateur Marathon race and 3rd day a Downhill Endurance Race . The aim of the new race format is to grow the sport of cycling in Switzerland and involve the community in every aspect of the race.

Riders can choose from a range of bikes to ride with from a normal Mountain Bike to a Plus Bike or a Fat Bike, the choice is yours!


The Snow Bike Festival takes place under UCI rules. The rules allow normal mountain bikes, plus bikes and fat bikes to participate in the race. Therefore riders are free to choose which bike they want to ride with. All riders are ranked in the same category, irrespective of the bike they ride with. Participants may also swap bikes between stages (i.e. ride a normal MTB for day one and then switch to a Fat Bike for day two. More information can be found in our FAQ section.


The Snow Bike Festival Expo is the go-to-place for riders, spectators and the general public, who are looking to find out more about the newest bike advancements (MTBs, Fat Bikes, Plus Bikes and so on), interested in the latest winter fashion or just looking for a refreshing hot drink or a small meal.

For companies and local businesses, the EXPO is a perfect opportunity to reach both a local and an international crowd. For more information about the EXPO, as well a exhibitors enquiries please contact info@snowbikefestival.com. 


A guide to everything you need to know about the event. Route profiles, elevation and a summary of each event.


All riders will receive a printed copy of this event guide at registration in Gstaad. Further rider specific information (incl. registration times, dinner times, etc.) will be communicated via email (rider communications).






Event overview




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