DAY 1 

17 January 2020 | 19KM 

Day 1 is a 19-kilometre afternoon race. Starting at the Park Hotel, riders will have a neutral section for the first kilometre. Following a local riverside walking trail, riders will pass by the bottom of Saanen ski slope. A tar road section will take them towards Waldmatte Restaurant.

From there, riders will start the arduous climb up to the peak of Mount Eggli. Upon reaching the top, they will take the exciting schlitteln bahn (toboggan run) back down to the bottom where they will join up with the cross-country ski track (Holy Ground) which will lead them all the way back to the finish.

DAY 2 

18 JANUARY 2020 | 60KM 

Day 2 also serves as a 1-day race for those who do not wish to do all three races, where riders may choose between a marathon or half-marathon distance. The route once again starts out at the Park Hotel. Riders will pedal through the picturesque promenade, turn off onto the main road, after which a massive climb will take them all the way up to Turbach. Once they have reached Turbach, riders will turn back and traverse snowy country slopes towards Wassrngrat.

From there they will head to Lauenen, where they will make their way through the nature reserve, Lauenen See. Fun fact: no motorised vehicles are allowed in Lauenen See, only horse drawn carriages. A heart stopping descent await riders by means of the Wispille ski slope which will take the half-marathon riders back down to the finish in Gstaad. The marathon riders will be turned away again to ride a further loop via Gsteig and back to Gstaad.

DAY 3 

19 JANUARY 2020 | 35KM 

The most thrilling race of the Snow Bike Festival is surely the 35-km Enduro-type race offered on Sunday. Riders and their bikes will be transported by cable car to the top of Rinderberg – a staggering 2007 metres up in the air. From there riders will bomb their way down the blue slope to Zweisimmen, whiz past the town of Saanenmöser and enjoy the wintry valley views of Turbach that flash past as they race towards the finish line to end off the 2020 Snow Bike Festival on a high note.






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